The Divine Light

God is the light of the heavens and of the earth.The parable of His light is as if there were a niche, And within it a lamp, The lamp enclosed in glass, The glass as it were, a brilliant star, Lit from a blessed tree, An olive, neither of the east nor of the West, Whose oil is well nigh luminous Though fire scarce touched it. Light upon light! God doth guide whom he will to His light. God doth set forth parables for men, and God doth know all things.

(Light 24:35)

الله نور السماوات و الأرض مثل نوره كمشكواة فيها مصباح المصباح في زجاجة الزجاجة كأنها كوكب دري يوقد من شجرة مباركة زيتونة لا شرقية و لا غربية یکاد زيتها يضيئ و لو لم تمسسه نار نور على نور يهدي الله لنوره من يشاء و يضرب الله الأمثال للناس و الله بكل شيئ عليم.
A. L. R. A Book which We have revealed unto thee, in order that thou mightest lead mankind out of the depths of darkness into light – by the leave of their Lord – to the Way of (Him) the Exalted in power, worthy of all praise!

(Abraham 14:1)

ألر كتاب أنزلناه إليك لتخرج الناس من الظلمات إلى النور بإذن ربهم إلى صراط العزيز الحميد.

On the path of Sufism, the seeker must  first acquire Self-Knowledge. With true knowledge of one’s reality, one can have knowledge of the Creator. The outcome of Self-knowledge ultimately is the Divine Light.  Professor Sadegh Angha tells us, ” Seek the world of mysteries and the truth of your reality in the eternal realm of the heart in total humility and in awareness you shall find the light of God, and in the Light of Divine guidance your life shall fade in the splendor of His Presence, so that the tranquility you have been seeking shall be yours. Know that what lies without you is not real, and what is within you is your truth.”  [1]

Allah is the Protector of those who have faith; from the depths of darkness He will lead them forth into light.

(The Cow 2:257)

الله ولي اللذين آمنوا يخرجهم من الظلمات إلى النور.
Wherewith Allah guideth all who seek His good pleasure to ways of peace and safety, and leadeth them out of darkness, by His will, unto the light,- guideth them to a path that is straight.

(The Table Spread 5:16)

يهدي به الله من اتبع رضوانه سبل السلام و يخرجهم من الظلمات إلى النور بإذنه و يهديهم إلى صراط مستقيم.

The essential study of Sufism cannot be understood by mere word or thought, which veil the truth. The guidance of the Pir, the light of the path, is necessary to overcome the obstacles of the journey. In the journey of Self-Knowledge, “truthful words, a pure heart, sincere intention, honest livelihood, firmness of step and true devotion are necessary, so that with God’s grace and sincere devotion to the prophet, the delicate Divine truth will be inwardly revealed to the salik without questions or doubt.” [2] Only by the grace of God and the guidance of the Pir, may the delicate Divine truths be inwardly revealed to the seeker without question or doubt.

O ye that believe! Fear Allah, and believe in His Messenger, and He will bestow on you a double portion of His Mercy: He will provide for you a Light by which ye shall walk, and He will forgive you: for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

(Iron 57:28)

يأيها اللذين آمنوا اتقوا الله و ءامنوا برسوله يؤتيكم كفلين من رحمته و يجعل لكم نورا تمشون به و يغفر لكم و الله غفور رحيم.

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